Labsphere Inc. USA
For over thirty years, Labsphere has developed integrating sphere solutions for a wide variety of light-based applications, from large area customized sphere-based systems to small hand-held instruments. See more….
Integrating Spheres & Components
Allows users to build their own solution with a variety of integrating sphere assemblies and components.
Light Measurement Systems
Integrating Sphere-based systems developed for an array of spectral applications in a wide range of sizes.
Luminance/Radiance Systems
Provides uniform radiance or irradiance for the test and calibration of sensor or imaging systems.
Reflectance Standards & Targets
High-quality reflectance targets and standards for numerous laboratory and field applications.
Reflectance Materials & Coatings
Propriety reflectance materials and coatings for use in the ultraviolet, visual and infrared regions.
Complete solutions for specific integrating sphere-based products.
Software solutions for specific integrating sphere-based products.
Customised Uniform Light Sources
We welcome enquiries for modified standard products. We have also worked on some of the most advanced uniform light sources which can be tailored to provide high brightness, large area, defined spectral power distributions, vacuum compatibility and ultra-high uniformity. Whatever your needs, you'll find Pro-Lite and Labsphere able to help. >> Learn More
Large Area Uniform Light Sources
The Labsphere USS-4000 and USS-6500 provide lit areas of 14 and 22 inches respectively which is normally sufficient for the ground calibration of even the widest field of view, satellite-based remote sensing spectroradiometers. Luminance is adjustable either step-wise or continuously from zero to 40,000 cd/m2 or 34,400 cd/m2 respectively. >> Learn More
Low Light Level Uniform Source
The Labsphere USS-1200V-LL is a specialist, very low light level uniform light source that provides for spectral irradiance levels equivalent to an m=0 star in the UV, VIS & NIR bands. With a lit area of 4 inches and light levels precisely adjustable over 8 decades within 7 spectral bands, the USS-1200V-LL is perfect for calibrating optical sensors.. >> Learn More
Medium Area Uniform Light Sources
The Labsphere USS-1200 and USS-2000 are medium area uniform light sources with lit areas of 4 and 8 inches respectively. Each sphere is equipped with a combination of four internal and external tungsten halogen lamps to provide step-wise or continuous luminance adjustment from zero to 40,000 cd/m2. The external lamps couple through motorised variable attenuators. >> Learn More
Modular, Small Area Uniform Light Sources
The Labshere USS-800C and USS-800S are a family of modular, small area uniform light sources. The 8 inch sphere features an exit port of 2 inch diameter. Choose from internal lamps of 5, 35 or 75 Watts, or external lamps of 35, 75 or 100 Watts to give fixed or adjustable luminance of up to 70,500 cd/m2. The external lamps couple through a micrometer adjusted variable attenuator.. >> Learn More
Small Area Uniform Light Sources
The Labsphere USS-600 series are 6 inch uniform light sources with 2 inch exit ports providing luminance which is adjustable from zero to 2,800 cd/m2. The USS-600 comes with either a manual iris or motorised variable attenuator for setting the desired luminance level. A 35 Watt internal lamp housed in a 3 inch satellite sphere helps to ensure exceptional luminance uniformity. >> Learn More
Solar Spectrum Uniform Lights Sources
The Labsphere XTH-1200 and XTH-2000 are uniform light sources that seamlessly combine the output of an incandescent lamp with a xenon discharge source to boost the sphere's output in the blue part of the spectrum which matches the spectral power of the ASTM D65 standard daylight illuminant. Exit port sizes are 4 and 8 inches respectively, brightness is adjustable up to 20,500 cd/m2. >> Learn More

Spectral Evolution
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION manufactures state of the art UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR full range spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and spectrometer systems for laboratory or handheld portable use. The systems are used worldwide in analytical, environmental, industrial and medical diagnostics markets. >> See More

Field portable full range remote sensing and mining spectrometers and spectroradiometers:
• Selectable foreoptics: lens, fiber optic, diffuser or integrating sphere
• 350-2500nm, 350-1900nm, or 320-1100nm range
• Available as a spectroradiometer for spectral radiance and irradiance measurements- factory
calibrated with NIST-traceable reference standards
• Typical Applications- Ground truthing, solar radiometry, environmental measurement, remote sensing & research, forestry, mineral reflectance.

Full range laboratory spectroradiometers:
• Selectable foreoptics: fiber optic lens, diffuser, or integrating sphere
• 350-2500nm, 350-1900nm, 300-1700nm or 320-1100nm range
• Ideal for spectral radiance and irradiance measurements- calibrated with NIST-traceable reference standards
• Typical Applications- Environmental monitoring stations, lab measurement, spectral match of solar-simulators and LEDs, calibration transfer

Full range UV-VIS-NIR lab spectrometers
• 350-2500nm, 350-1900nm, 300-1700nm, 320-1100nm and 380-780nm UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer ranges
• Integral dark shutters & automatic exposure control for fast,one-touch
• operation.
• Wireless Bluetooth operation
• Diffraction grating based optics with no moving parts- can be mounted in any orientation for trouble free operation.
• Typical Applications: reflectance, transflectance, transmittance and spectral wavelength measurements

LF series near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers:
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) spectrometers - Short Wave IR Spectrometers
• 900-1700nm; 512 channel InGaAs array (LF-1250)
• 1100-2100nm; 256 channel extended InGaAs array (LF-2100)
• 1000-2500nm; 256 channel extended InGaAs array (LF-2500)
• 1850-2500nm; 256 channel extended InGaAs array (LF-2300)
• High speed update rate available for on-line process monitoring
• Fiber optic or fixed lens spectrometer configurations available
• USB and wireless Bluetooth communication
• Typical Applications: Laser measurements, moisture analysis, analyte detection

Pixelteq Inc. USA
Precision optical coatings, components and assemblies. Transparent ITO for
heater window, EMI/RFI shielding with patterned bus bars, Avionic filters for NVIS and solar protection. SpectroCam™ Multispectral Imaging (MSI) which are used for several applications like Art & Archaeology, Biomedical, Food & Agriculture, Forensics and Security etc. PixelSensor (Multispectral) Photodiodes are Integrated wavelength-selective detectors for compact multispectral devices. Clik here for more information..

Spectral Sensors
PixelSensor packs up to 8 wavelength-selective photodiodes into a 9mm array, available with standard & custom spectral bands Learn More..

Spectral Cameras
Configurable SpectroCam filter wheel cameras & customized PixelCam snaphot cameras image spectral bands in UV, Visible, and NIR – SWIR. Learn More..

Patterned Optical Filters
PIXELTEQ’s patented technology micro-patterns precision optical filters to the pixel level – for custom OEM optics that enhance performance while reducing form factor, cost & complexity. Learn More..

GmbH LASOS Lasertechnik
The manufacturers of all types of gas Lasers such as He-Ne, DPSS, Ar-Ion Lasers See More..
The LASOS® DPSS laser series is the best choice when reliability and long lifetime matters.
The special optical design and an intelligent power and temperature
Control Guarantee:
- Excellent long-term stability
- Low noise
- Exceptional good beam quality
- Long lifetime
Standard and customized models are available in a large variety in the spectral range red, green and yellow with output powers between 0.5 and 35 mW. Options are single mode or multimode output, random or linear polarization and Brewster window tubes for educational and scientific purposes.
For photo printing applications in the AGFA d-lab.2 and d-lab.3 printers, A dual line laser with emission at 454/ 458 nm and 514 nm has been developed, showing an excellent beam quality, beam pointing stability and long-term stability with low-noise operation.

Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Pvt Ltd, INDIA
Holmarc manufactures wide range of products in the field of Optics, Opto mechanics, Optical instruments etc. which we cater to research
organisations and educational institutes world wide. The Products provide an economic solution with unmatched pricision and quality. Please go through the following links to view our products. We welcome custom enquiries as well. See More..

Breadboards, Tabletops, Rails & Platforms :
HOLMARC manufactures a wide range of solid breadboards; honeycomb breadboards, workstations, and optical tables. Table and breadboard offering rigid, passive, or active vibration damping options are available. Several damping, skin thicknesses and material choices as well as active vibration isolation systems ensure that the most appropriate product can be designed and created for your

Optomechanics :
Holmarc manufactures wide range of products in the field of Optics, Opto mechanics, Optical instruments etc. which we cater to research organisations and educational institutes worldwide.

Positioning Devices :
Positioning devices are meant for positioning components and sub-assemblies at required orientation in three dimensional spaces. Holmarc manufactures automated and manual positioners that include rotary and linear stages in various designs.

Physics Instruments :
Physics instruments described in this website are the results of years of experience in manufacturing various optical instruments for research and industrial applications for the clients.

Solar Light Company, Inc. manufacturer of Solar Simulator, Industrial Process Sensing, Laboratory & industrial Light Measurement, Atmospheric Monitoring Equipment & OEM Products, etc. See More

General Purpose Light Sources:
Basic Simulator, 150W
Photobiology Simulator, 150W
Photobiology Simulator, 300W
Photobiology Simulator, 1000W
UVB Simulator

OZ Optics, Canada
OZ Optics broad product line addresses technical challenges related to polarization, power equalization, laser-to-fiber delivery, and test and
measurement in newer high-speed, optical networking systems. As a result, our products enable our customers to develop optical networking systems that transmit data reliably at increasing data rates. See More..

Crystaltechno Ltd
Crystaltechno Ltd is a manufacturer of optical crystals and optical components for industry, as well as for research and development for wide spectral range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 microns.
Like Optics, Crystals, Lasers, windows (Material: ZnSe, CaF2, MgF2, LiF, KRS, NaCl etc.). See More..

Optical Surfaces Limited
Optical Surfaces Limited is a UK based company supplying the world with optical components and instruments. Over the last 50 years – Optical Surfaces Ltd has established itself as a leading international manufacturer of top quality, high precision optical components and systems.
We have contributed to many major projects worldwide involved in areas such as: • fundamental physics • astronomy • space • defence and the environment See More..

Helioworks Inc.
Helioworks Inc., Premier Manufacturer of Specialized Infrared Lamps and Creator of Innovative IR Sources and Infrared Emitters. Our products include PULSABLE sources utilizing tungsten and Nichrome (NiCr) and
STEADY STATE sources utilizing Kanthal and NiCr filaments.

All are constructed in industry standard TO-8 sized packages with gold plated parabolic reflectors to enhance output in the near infrared. Additional products are being developed. We welcome your requests with specialized requirements to meet your needs. See More..

greenTEG develops solutions for applications in heat flux sensing, energy harvesting, and waste heat recovery. greenTEG develops, manufactures and markets Heat Flux and Laser Power Sensors (gSKIN®) as well as
Thermoelectric Generators (gTEG®).

gSKIN®s measure thermal flows (conductive, radiative, convective) fast and with highest precision. gTEG®s harvest emission-free electricity from temperature differences for autonomous power supply. Laser power measurement with an easy-to-use, fast, and small thermopile sensor. See More..