SCIENCETECH Inc Canada Integrating Sphere based Light Measurements, Sensor Calibration, Spectroscopy, Materials & Coatings since last 30
Over the past 27 years, we have manufactured Modular Instrumentation for Spectroscopy, TeraHertz FTIRs, Highly Collimated Large Solar Simulators, Flash and Continuous Solar Simulators, Photovoltaic Instrumentation, Quantum Efficiency and Spectral Response Systems, Spectrophotometers/radiometers, Detection Systems, and Light Sources to offer to the global research community Click here for more information.
Labsphere Inc. USA Integrating Sphere based Light Measurements, Sensor Calibration, Spectroscopy, Materials & Coatings since last 30
years. Product includes Integrating Sphere, LED/Lamp Measurement system, Goniometer, Uniform source, Diffuse reflectance, PL, UV-2000S-sun protection factor analyzer, QE measure etc. Click here more information.

Spectral Evolution USA state of the art UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR full range spectroradiometers,
spectrophotometers from 300nm to 2500nm and spectrometer systems for laboratory or handheld portable use. Our systems are used worldwide in analytical, environmental, industrial and medical diagnostics.Click here more information.

LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH Germany, the World leader in manufacturing gas lasers - and the world's largest OEM supplier for laser scanning
microscopy. He-Ne Laser, Ar-Ion Laser, DPSS and Fiber Coupled Lasers. Product in Focus - Single frequency 640 nm DPSS laser up to 100 mW. Multi Color Systems MCS 4 series and MCS 6 series: Multi-wavelength laser modules and beam combiners. Click here more information.

Precision optical coatings, components and assemblies. Transparent ITO for heater
window , EMI/RFI shielding with patterned bus bars, Avionic filters for NVIS and solar protection. SpectroCam™ Multispectral Imaging (MSI) which are used for several applications like Art & Archaeology, Biomedical, Food & Agriculture, Forensics and Security etc. PixelSensor (Multispectral) Photodiodes are Integrated wavelength-selective detectors for compact multispectral devices. Click here more information.

Solar Light Company, Inc. manufacturer
of Solar Simulator, Industrial Process Sensing, Laboratory & industrial Light Measurement, Atmospheric Monitoring Equipment & OEM Products, etc. Click here more information.

Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Pvt Ltd, INDIA, Leading manufacturer of Optics, Opto-Mechanics
and Opto-Electronics, Vibration Isolation table etc. Educational and Research Experimental Kits for Physics & Engineering includes Diffraction, Spectroscopy, Interferometry, Polarization, Fiber Optics,Holography etc. Motorized translational stage, rotational stage, Biomedical instruments . Mounts, Breadboard, Post, Post bases etc. Click here more information.

Crystaltechno Ltd is a manufacturer of optical crystals and optical components for industry, as well as for research and development for wide
spectral range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 microns. Like Optics, Crystals, Lasers, windows (Material: ZnSe, CaF2, MgF2, LiF, KRS, NaCl etc.). Click here more information.

Our broad product line addresses technical challenges related to polarization, power equalization, laser-to-fiber delivery, and test and measurement in newer high-speed, optical networking systems. As a result, our products enable our customers to develop optical networking systems that transmit data reliably at increasing data rates. Click here more information.

Helioworks Inc., Premier Manufacturer of Specialized Infrared Lamps and Creator of Innovative IR Sources and Infrared Emitters.
Our products include PULSABLE sources utilizing tungsten and Nichrome (NiCr) and STEADY STATE sources utilizing Kanthal and NiCr filaments. All are constructed in industry standard TO-8 sized packages with gold plated parabolic reflectors to enhance output in the near infrared. Additional products are being developed. We welcome your requests with specialized requirements to meet your needs. Click here more information.

GreenTEG develops solutions for applications in heat flux sensing, energy harvesting, and waste heat recovery. greenTEG develops,
manufactures and markets Heat Flux and Laser Power Sensors (gSKIN®) as well as Thermoelectric Generators (gTEG®). gSKIN®s measure thermal flows (conductive, radiative, convective) fast and with highest precision. gTEG®s harvest emission-free electricity from temperature differences for autonomous power supply. Laser power measurement with an easy-to-use, fast, and small thermopile sensor. Click here more information.

Optical Surface, Over the last 50 years – Optical Surfaces Ltd has established itself as a leading international manufacturer of top quality, high
precision optical components and systems. We have contributed to many major projects worldwide involved in areas such as: • fundamental physics • astronomy • space • defense and the environment Space Observation Optics Cover from IR to X-ray Wavelengths High stability and performance is achieved using a zero expansion off-axis parabola, manufactured to better than lambda/10 p-v surface accuracy. Click here more information.