Photonics Marketing Company (PMC) brings world-class technology to India's Photonics Education, Research and Industry communities. Aiming to grow with dedication, integrity and commitment towards excellence in Photonics Education, Research and Industry.
We actively market and promote the products manufactured/supplied buy our principals. We are authorized to submit quotations on behalf of our principals, negotiate and get order for our principals. We install the systems /instruments supplied by our principals at the customer’s facility/laboratory and provide maintenance during warranty period as well as after warranty. Photonics Marketing Company wants to become the best solution provider and supplier to Photonics R&D organizations in India
Member : Life member of ILA (Indian Laser Association)
The Indian Laser Association (ILA) is an association of persons interested in laser technology and applications. The association aims to promote education, advancement and applications of laser science and technology in India, through various activities such as organization of seminars, symposia and training courses; publications of books and journals; and promotion of active interaction with other professional institutions especially in the field of medicine and engineering.
If you belong to the Indian laser community, Indian Laser Association looks forward to your active participation in the association to help it in achieving its objectives.
1. Participating in NLS(National Laser Symposium)

2. Participating in Laser World of Photonics LWOP
"Excellent sales perfomance and service" award from Sphere Optics LLC in Labsphere/Sphere Optics meeting in San Francisco.